Monday, 31 August 2015

Why is travel so important?

I found these 10 thoughts about travelling on a web site and thought I would put some of my photos to the words....

1. Every person on this planet basically wants the same thing.
No matter how different our cultures are, no matter how rich, poor, English or German you are, we all want love, happiness, safety, to be excepted as we are and we all hope for a better future.

2.  Delaying today for a better tomorrow can be a horrible idea.
Once we have something, we always want something else or something more. Happiness can be found in what we have right now. The most important thing is to enjoy in the journey getting there.

3. Don`t live for “Someday”. Be practical.
Nothing will come to you if all you do is hope. You have to get out there and go what needs to be done!

4. No one owes you anything.
The only person that you can expect everything from is yourself. You are the captain of your own ship.

5. Look for people who have different views of the world.
You can`t achieve anything if you stand still and mix with people with the same mind set as yours.  The world is filled with fun people who have different interests and beliefs.

6. Nobody has a worry free life.
No one has it all figured out. Most people walk thru life with fake smile and a mask. You have no idea how hard life is for them because we always focus on our problem no matter how insignificant they are. Sometimes we have to think about others first.

7.  More money is never the answer.
Everything that truly has a value in your life can`t be paid for with money. As long you have a roof over your head and food on your plate you really don’t “need” more money. What I really meant to say is having a full life doesn’t cost a penny.

8. Watching TV is the greatest waste of time.
We have wasted so much time seating in front of the TV and trying to relax. In the mean time the whole world is passing us by. One thing is for sure our lives are not getting any” richer” by sitting home and staring into a flat screen. There is a whole outside. Get out!

9. The things we possess eventually will possess us.
Stick to the essentials. Don`t spend too much time trying to earn more money for buying things you don’t really need. It’s a black circle that never enriches our lives.

10.The World is beautiful. Get outside and do something with other people.
Our world is more than worthy exploring. There is no TV, book, or computer that can substitute a real life experience. Stop reading and watching and start living.