Monday, 9 September 2013

Travelling close to home

Most people aren't free to travel the world all the time.  Most people have to work for the majority of their time to, amongst other things, afford to go on holiday.  That is quite a depressing thought.

Sometimes though - especially when you have visitors, or even better, foreign visitors - you can do your travelling close to home.  When you have to entertain someone by showing them your town you realise that there are interesting things to see on your doorstep.

For example, this weekend, we took a visitor to a proper English tea room in the middle of the Ashdown Forest that makes its own blend of leaves, and serves tea with a strainer (no tea bags).

It also serves home made cakes, muffins and scones.  To drive there we went on a road that went through common land open to graze livestock, where we had to slow down to avoid sheep and cows on the road.  We also visited a llama farm where we could feed the llamas and alpacas.

With a bit of thought you can find things to see nearby.  If you haven't got a visitor to entertain, pretend you did.